Get a percentage as a venue

As a venue, you are entitled to a percentage of sales for shows that were played at your location. This article explains how to set it up.

Exit Live allows venues to receive a 3% cut of the net amount from each sale a performer makes of their show on their page. This is taken from our split, not the artist’s.


For a venue page to be eligible to claim these percentages the following conditions must be met:

  • Your venue page must be verified (find out how to get your page verified)
  • Both the performer and the artist pages must be published, as well as both shows
  • You must link the two shows before the 6 months “linking window” ends. These 6 months are either based on the date the show was played, or in case the show was created later, the date the show was created on Exit Live.

In order for us to know which venue page should be paid, you and the performer need to work together to link your shows. This means that you as a venue, and the performer both need to create the same show in your dashboards and then link them later on.


  • The performer and you both must create the show in your individual dashboards. Just make sure that you set the correct date.
  • Both shows need to be published (any state other than “Listed”)


Once both shows exist, this is the process for you, as a venue, to link the two shows:

  • Navigate to the show in your dashboard.
  • If everything is done correctly you’ll see the linking candidates on the right, under the “Linking” section. In case more than one show was found by our system, you can flip through the different linking candidates.
  • Click “REQUEST LINK”. This will trigger a notification and will send an email to the performer, asking them to respond to your request.
  • When the artist responds to your request (by accepting or rejecting your request), you will get a notification. At this point you can see the link on the show in your dashboard, and can UNLINK the shows if you wanted to. On the “Shows” summary page, shows that are linked also have a small “chain” icon.