Website Widget

Our website widget allows you to embed the shows you created on Exit Live in your own website.

Exit Live allows you to list all your tour dates on your own website so that you don’t need to maintain two separate lists of dates. Adding the widget to your website will also add a convenient way for your fans to purchase any show you have uploaded onto Exit Live.

To do that you have to embed a script in your page that communicates with our server through our API. In order for us to know that the requests are authorised, you need to first create “API Tokens” that authenticate your website when accessing data.

Go to the dashboard, and select the “Integrations” menu item, and follow the instructions to create an API Token. API tokens can be created to authorise multiple domains, and you can create multiple tokens. Each token should serve a specific purpose. In general, you will only need one API token for one domain.

You then can generate the code that is needed to embed on your website.

By default, we apply a style to the tour dates list, but you can extend that style, by defining the styling rules in your own CSS.

Keep in mind that this is still a BETA feature, and that we might update the HTML of the website widget without any notice.