Teleport uploads

Let people without an Exit Live account upload audio files into your show.

Very often you are not the person that records your own show, so you need a way to receive the files after your gig in order to upload them into your show and start selling it. Of course you can ask them to send the audio files to you by any means (Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc…) but you then have to download the files and upload them again — which is a waste of time and bandwidth.

Which is why we came up with Teleport Uploads. Put simply, you generate a link that you can send to anyone so they can upload audio files into your show without them needing to create an account on Exit Live.

You can generate a teleport upload link for each show you’ve created, and the link contains all the information about your show and is only valid for a few weeks. Anyone who receives this link can upload audio files to the show in question but nothing else (they won’t get access to your account, and they won’t be able to upload audio files into other shows, unless you send them a teleport upload link for them as well).

Once the audio files have been uploaded, you will receive a notification (in the app and via email) and will be able to assign the uploaded audio files to your tracks. This means that you’ll be able to verify the audio files before they go live to your audience. Read more about how to handle teleport uploads.

Navigate to your show in the dashboard, and scroll down to the «Tracks» section. You’ll find a button, right below the are where you can drag and drop files:

Request teleport link

After clicking this button, you’ll receive a link:

Request teleport link

Copy this link and send it to your sound engineer. This link is valid for a few weeks. You can press the button multiple times and request links as many times as you want but this will not invalidate previously generated and/or distributed links. The only reason to request a new link, is because your previously generated link expired.

The teleport upload interface

This is what the te upload interface looks like:

Teleport UI

Handle teleport uploads