Handle Teleport Uploads

What to do after you received a teleport upload on one of your shows.

Exit Live supports «Teleport Uploads» which allow people without an Exit Live account (for example, the sound engineer at the venue you played yesterday) to upload audio files into your show. Read more about creating teleport upload links.

In some cases Exit Live is involved in the recording process and will use these teleport uploads to get your audio files into your account.

Audio files uploaded through the teleport are not public immediately because 1) you should be in charge what goes on your Exit Live page, and 2) the audio files need to be assigned to the proper Tracks.

Assign tracks to your audio files

When you get the notification that audio files have been uploaded through the teleport, you can open your show in the dashboard and scroll down to the tracks, which will look something like this:

Assign Tracks

In this case, two audio files have been added: “example_audio_1.mp3” and “example_audio_2.mp3”. You can now preview them, and assign the appropriate tracks with the drop down on the left that reads “Select Track”.

If you haven’t built your track catalogue yet, go to the “Tracks” menu item, and add all the tracks you need there. Read more about the track catalogue.

After you’ve assigned all the tracks, make sure they’re in the right order, and you’re good to go!