Add tracks to your show

So you created a show and want to add the tracks? This article will show you the next steps.

The best way to add tracks is to go to your created show and upload the tracks there. You may want to polish the tracks a little before uploading, but we think a raw feel is better! Try not to overproduce — keep the uniqueness of the recording and let your fans enjoy it.

Upload your recordings

To upload your recordings, you have two choices:

  1. You upload your audio files first, and assign the tracks after
  2. You create your track list up front, and upload the files after

1. Upload audio files first

The easiest way to upload your recordings, is by simply dragging them onto the big dropzone in the tracks section.

Upload audio files

After you have uploaded your audio file it will be listed, but you still need to assign the track to it, so we are able to properly pay all due royalties. Do so, by clicking the “Assign Track” button.

Assign track

2. Create your track list first

Alternatively, you can also build your track list up front, in case you want to be more efficient later on. For that, simply click the “Add Track” button and follow the stops.

Add track

Don’t worry, you can still reorder all your tracks, add more or remove the ones you’ve added.

When you’re finished, don’t forget to switch the show to “On Sale”.

Teleport Uploads

Alternatively, we provide “Teleport Uploads” which allow people without an Exit Live account to upload audio files into your show. To learn more about this feature, see teleport uploads.