Add a show

After creating your page, you need to setup your shows. This article shows you how.

When it comes to adding shows, you have two choices. You can either advertise a forthcoming show, so that fans can pre-order the recordings, or you can upload recordings of older shows and instantly upload the tracks.

For the purposes of this guide, we’ve gone through the more popular former, but the process is similar either way.

To add a show, go to the dashboard and select “Shows” on the left-hand side bar. Then click “Add Show”.

Next, you’ll want to set the date and location of your show. Before then clicking the ‘Create’ button.

Don’t forget about the price tag — set it! Generally for a 30 minute set, we would suggest between £5 and £7.

If you know your set list, you can also pre-list your tracks. You can set details such as: royalties, whether it is explicit or not, and whether to publish it. (If you were uploading an old recording, this is when you would add the recordings as well). This track list will not be published until the recordings are uploaded, assigned and the show is on sale, but doing it at this stage will save you a lot of time later on.

You should also ensure you add a snazzy image and banner as well.

Finally, to publish your show, click the drop-down box in the top-right. By default, it will be hidden, but you can change it to:

  • Listed — so that users can see the show, but no purchase is available
  • Pre-Order — so that users can pre-purchase the album ahead of time (and receive it as soon as it is live)
  • On Sale — this is what you would set when you have all recordings online