Venue FAQs

Frequently asked questions by artists.

Q. Who can register?

Anyone can register to sell their live recordings to fans providing they own the rights. This includes Bands, Comedians, Orchestras, Poets, Record companies, Managers and Rights Holders etc. Literally anyone with recordings that they would like to offer for sale. We call all of these ‘Artists’.

Q. Where can I sell my recordings?

Fans can register and buy Artist’s recordings from any country except the following: North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan and Timor-Leste.

Q. Do Artists get a cut of the sales?

Of course. Thats the whole point! We split 80/20 after VAT and Mechanical Rights. That’s 80% for the Artist and 20% for us. We pay the Mechanical Rights for you to ensure that Authors and Publishers receive the proper respect and financial rewards for their work.

Q. How do we get paid?

You just click the “Pay Me Now” button in your dashboard to get paid your balance immediately via Currency Cloud who charge a very reasonable transaction fee for any supported currency.

Q. I am only in a small band. How can Exit Live help me make some money?

Our platform is perfect for small bands. Create a show. Upload a recording and tell your friends and family about the our platform. There is nothing to lose by trying. Your music remains your music.

Q. Can I sell a live concert held anywhere at any time?

Yes. All shows can be recorded and sold at any time. You can even make a solo recording in your living room and sell it on our platform as a unique collector’s item.

Q. What if we do a cover song?

Cover songs incur rights payments. We withhold 12% of any revenue generated from a cover song and through our Royalty Payment Agent (“RPA”), we will pay the songwriters. There is a small check box next to each title to indicate whether the work is a cover or not.

Q. What do I do if the sound quality is not good?

Sometimes lower production values create a unique recording and a special live feeling that fans can relate to. You may be very surprised what your fans would love to own. The history of rare bootleg recordings support this view with incredibly high resale values.

We are also developing special suite of Artist Tools that can help you with Mastering or Re-mastering. Stay tuned for the release dates for these tools.

Live music has a history of not being perfect, sometimes that contributes to the overall feel of the recording. Saying that, we will do our best to keep quality high on our list of priorities.

Q. Can I eliminate some songs?

The short answer to this is yes. All Artists control their content so a recording can be edited or removed from sale for whatever reasons the Artist chooses. However, if users already downloaded the songs, they own the files and Exit Live will not ask users to delete them.

Q. Is it OK to talk about Exit Live during the show given that it will be heard

on the recording?

Yes it is. We actually encourage it! The more viral marketing your recording gets the more fans you will reach and the more revenue you will make from your live performances.

Q. Can I change the price if the show doesn’t sell?

Yes. You can alter the price of any of your recordings at anytime.

Q. Do the same rules apply for support bands?

A support band is the same as any other Artist and is considered a separate show on our platform.

Q. Where do I pay tax?

We have created a dashboard to help you prepare statements but taxes are both complex and not standardized across countries therefore please discuss this with your tax advisor.

Q. What is to stop a fan from file-sharing our work?

Frankly, there is nothing to stop file sharers from illegally uploading your work. We do not believe in DRM (Digital Rights Management). We hope that Artists set a fair price that fans can afford and that true fans support their favorite Artists.

Exit Live is about supporting the artist and that fans will recognize that value. Most people pirate because it’s more convenient for them and because they don’t believe in paying big labels where the artists get next to nothing. Exit Live gives users a reason again to pay for music.

Q. Can the fans complain to me for bad recordings?

Yes. Fans can complain and they probably will. However we do not allow fans to communicate directly to Artists through our platform. They will have to contact you independently. We will also not display ratings or comments on the platform, but we will investigate reports of bad audio quality and intervene if necessary.

Q. If fans can download the concert might they not come to the concert?

There is nothing like attending the concert and experiencing the live show in person for the sheer atmosphere and being a part of the event. We have looked at the early days of televised sports and have concluded that live broadcasts did not negatively affect attendances. In fact, since blackouts and TV delays of live sports broadcasts ended, overall attendances have only increased. Recent research also suggests that the more recordings people own, the more likely they are to attend a live performance.

Q. Will Exit Live check the sound quality?

No. Artists have full control of what is available for sale on our platform.

Q. Are R rated songs allowed?

Yes. We do not believe in censorship, however, we do believe in the rule of law. There is a procedure for anyone to report abuse by flagging inappropriate material as well as a process for the authorities to formally request information which we are duty bound to comply with.

Q. Can Exit Live also sell non live recordings?

Our platform is primarily for live performances, vintage shows, live living room sessions and historic live shows.

Q. Why are there no Genres?

We do not believe that genres help anyone anymore. Perhaps there was a time when Alternative Rock really was alternative but in the 21st century the genre has disappeared as the boundaries between types of music became blurred and then vanished altogether. We also do not believe in forcing anyone into a specific category. Most of the music we love does not belong in any single genre. Every band dreads the question “What kind of music do you play” so we decided not to ask.

Q. Can I sell my work in another currency? / How can I change the currency of my


Recordings are automatically sold in the currency of the customers’ country.

Q. Why do I have to select a price from a list of predefined prices?

In order to compensate for VAT in certain countries and the fluctuation of currency exchange rates, we maintain a list of prices for all available countries.

Q. Will the compression ruin the quality?

We offer fans a high quality, variable bit rate recording instantly after the show ends. We will also offer fans the ability to download a lossless version of the same show as soon as it has been approved by the Artist.

Q. Can we check the quality before selling the show?

Yes. You can playback any show you have created directly on the platform.

Q. How can we help fans to find our stuff?

You can easily post to your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc to get the word out directly through the platform.

Q. How can we get a vanity url like

Vanity urls are only on request for now, since they are unique, and are only given to verified pages. Soon we will add an input field for verified pages where you can request a handle from your profile.

Q. How do I get my page verified?

Write an email to and we will guide you through the verification process.

Q. Does Exit Live treat classical music differently?

We do not. classical music is music from the classical period. A classical music live recording is a live music recording.

Q. What equipment do we need?

There is no special equipment needed for our platform. You most certainly already have the ability to make recording directly from your current sound setup.

Q. Should we have WiFi at the venue?

Any modern Internet connection will suffice including 3G for more remote locations.

Q. Who retains ownership of my photos?

All copyrighted material on our platform remains with the Artist. We also consider Photographers as Artists.

Q. In what format should I upload photos?

High quality JPG is our preferred format. But we support any common image format.

Q. Do you strip Metadata from my audio files?

Yes. We re-encode or re-mux every file you provide, and use the information you have inputed to set the new Metadata.

Q. What browsers are supported?

Every modern browser is supported. We do not support IE below version 9 for security, stability and performance reasons.

Q. Why do I have to use a modern browser?

We have developed our platform using the most advanced tools available today. Up to date browsers give us the best and most secure environment for Artists as well as fans.

Q. What is Dart?

Dart is a new platform for scalable web engineering. It allows us to write code for use on the client, server and mobile. If you happen to be a Dart programmer reading this then drop us an email