Fans FAQs

Frequently asked questions by fans.

Q. Which countries are supported?

You can register from any country except the following: North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan and Timor-Leste.

Q. Do I get a refund if the recording is no good?

If the quality of the audio recording has obvious flaws you will be eligible for a refund. Please remember you are supporting the Artists by purchasing recordings on our platform.

Q. What happens if the download is interrupted?

If there are any technical difficulties in your download you can re-download the recording anytime.

Q. Who sets the price?

The Artists set the price. This is one of our core philosophies. We hope to enable Artists to make unique material available to fans for a fair price and we hope that fans in turn support Artists by paying for that material.

Q. Is Exit Live a record label?

No. We are a technology company.

Q. Do I get a receipt?

Yes. You will receive a receipt for each purchase via email as well as having full records available on your dashboard while you are logged in.

Q. Will you keep a record of my downloads so that I can retrieve them if I lose


Yes. Once you have made a purchase from us you can always re-download recordings if they have been lost, if your hard drive crashes or you lose your phone. In fact for any reason whatsoever.

Q. If I change operating system will I lose the recordings?

You may re-download any or all of the shows you have previously purchased at any time. Yes, really!

Q. What happens when I follow an Artist?

You will be notified when new recordings are available.

Q. How do I share my favorite Artists on Twitter or Facebook etc?

You can post to your social media accounts to let your friends know after making a purchase.

Q. How is my privacy protected?

We are committed to your right to privacy. Please see our Privacy Policy

Q. Do you track my browsing like Facebook does?

No. We do not actively track any of your browsing activities outside of our platform. We can not prevent the collection of requests that are coming from other sites that use our widget, but we are not using this information.

Q. How are my payments recorded?

All payments are made through our chosen payment processor and we both keep records available online.

Q. How do I turn off notifications?

Unfollow any Artists and the notifications will automatically stop.

Q. Can I get a lossless FLAC or WAV file later?

We offer fans a high quality, variable bit-rate recording instantly after the show ends. We will also offer fans the ability to download a lossless version of the same show in the future.

Q. What is Dart?

Dart is a new platform for scalable web engineering. It allows us to write code for use on the client, server and mobile. If you happen to be a Dart programmer reading this then drop us an email